Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Met a Porcupine at Applebee's

Driving home from lunch today, I spied a tent and cages in the field in front of Applebee's.

"Puppies!" I cooed.

"Um, I think that's a porcupine... "

Hubby was right. Little River Zoo brought out several small animals and created a petting area. They suckered us right in.

I was a perplexed by this whole pet-the-porcupine concept, but Porky was down with it.

This goat and turtle were roomies.

Hubby fed a wallaby.

If ever an occasion to entertain a wallaby arises, and you don't know what vittles to offer, they apparently have an affinity for vegetable-flavored Ritz crackers.

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